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Unlock The Power Of Private Money Lending For Your Real Estate Investments

At Divine Light Capital, we are the leading source of private money in the nation, empowering investors to seize opportunities and achieve their real estate dreams. Partner with us today and unlock the power of private money lending for your real estate investments. Let Divine Light Capital be your trusted financial partner, helping you turn your visions into realities.

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Announcing Our New
100% Financing Program

Perfect for the Fix n' Flip Investor who has a good/excellent credit score of 620+ and verifiable income/cash flow.

Financing delivered in 14 days or less

Residential Investment Loan Types

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Non FHA Cap Loans

Fix & Flip Deals

  • Minimum 620 Credit Score

  • Non-Owner Occupied

  • Rates as low as 10.24%

  • Term: 12-18 Months

  • Loan Amount:

    • $50K-$7.5M for 1-4 Family, Condos, Townhomes

    • $250K-$10M for Multi-Family (5+)/Mixed Use

Long-Term Rental Deals

  • Minimum 680 Credit Score

  • Non-Owner Occupied

  • Rates starting at 6.15%

  • Loan Amount: $55K-$2M

  • Type​: Purchase; ​Refinance; Cash-Out

New Construction Deals

  • Minimum 650 Credit Score

  • Non-Owner Occupied 

  • Rates starting at 11.29%

  • Term: 12-18 Months

  • Loan Amount: $100K-$2M 

  • Minimum Property Value: $150K As-Completed Value


FHA Cap Loans

Fix & Flip Deals

  • No Minimum Credit Score

  • Non-Owner Occupied Residential Property

  • Property Type:

    • Single Family

    • Duplex

    • Triplex

    • Fourplex

  • Sale Price: After Repaired Value (ARV) will not exceed FHA cap. (Learn Your FHA CAP)

  • Size of House*: 2800 sq. ft. Maximum

  • Property Features*: 5 BDRS | 3 BATH Maximum

  • Size of Property*: 1/2 Acre Maximum​

*Higher credit scores (680+), and a down payment (20% or more) trumps the last 3.

Refinance Deals

  • No Minimum Credit Score

  • Non-Owner Occupied Residential Property

  • Business Purpose Refinance Loan up to 65% of As-Is-Value

  • Cash-Out Refinance Loan up to 50% of As-Is-Value

Why Choose Divine Light Capital?

If you have a great deal and know where to go, getting funding is never difficult. Luckily for you, you've discovered the go-to place for quick and reliable funding on real estate investment deals. We are here to ensure your success

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Commercial Projects

We provide short-term, small-balance bridge loans on core commercial real estate properties on a nationwide basis. We work with borrowers that need capital to move their business plans forward and can benefit from our team’s strong origination, underwriting, closing and servicing capabilities.

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