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How To Convert Your Garage into a Home Office

Over the past few months you may have enjoyed the many benefits of working from home: The 5 second commute, attending 'meetings' in your track pants, no one stealing your snacks from the office fridge.

Conversely, you may have discovered that your 'home office' is less than adequate and you urgently need to create a space where you can work uninterrupted. Somewhere you can actually hear yourself think.

Your garage could be the perfect refuge. Here's how to convert it into a zen-den productivity sanctuary.

Note: These tips could work for any room in your home.

1. Carpet!

Nothing makes more of an impact to your daily comfort than floor coverings. If you can't access carpet installers in your location, then secure a large rug for now. Purpose-made garage carpet is a great way to cost-effectively add value to your home by turning a concrete box into a 'multi-purpose room'. And I don't know about you but I feel more productive when I'm comfortable enough to just be wearing socks :)

2. Mirrors

A home office is usually relegated to the coldest, darkest room of the house (ie. the garage). The quickest way to lighten up a dark room is to add mirrors. As many as you can. Mirrors bounce light around and make any space feel bigger. Tall, skinny mirrors are best as they fit in those tight gaps between doors and cupboards where you wouldn't usually place a print or heater.

3. Plants

No zen-den would be complete without plants. Real greenery only please. Ask your local garden center what style will be sturdy enough to survive in your particular space. Plants clean the air which is important since you could be spending a lot of time in this room. If your room is small, try hanging one from a hook on the ceiling to save floor space. For an added bonus, place your plant next to a mirror - now you have two plants!

4. Mini-fridge & tea-kettle

Do you know what's cooler than being 10 meters from your fridge? Being 1 meter from your fridge.

You've got a home office now. You need to have something indulgent. Try filling your mini-fridge with healthy snacks like chia pudding or bircher muesli to keep you going during the day. The tea-kettle is a critical piece of kit too. This will help you avoid any interruptions that might occur if you were to tempt fate and venture out of your zen-den to refill your cup of tea.

5. Never leave your office messy at night

If you only have one rule for your home office, make it this one: Always end the day by tidying your desk. This will greatly increase your chances of starting off each work day in a positive frame of mind. Waking up to a messy desk is like having some nasty driver beep at you while driving to work. It's just a terrible way to start the day.

How To Convert Your Garage into a Home Office

How To Convert Your Garage into a Home Office


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